Buenos Aires, Argentina.


1970-1975:   Escuela Normal Mixta Estados Unidos de Norte America, Bachelor of Arts, Argentina.

1976-1980:  Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Medicina, Argentina.

1986-1992:  University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Psychology, U.S.A.

1978-present:  Fine Art Photographer (self-taught)

Argentinian - American Photographer

Edgar Angelone is a fine art photographer who was born and raised in Argentina. Trained in the medical sciences and psychology, he has been involved in the arts since he was a child. First, as a musician and now as a fine art photographer, he finds art as an unique expression of his experience as a human being. Angelone s informal education in photography followed the path well-known by many photographers of his generation: Kodak manuals, the Ansel Adams series, local photo clubs and trial exhibitions in coffee shops and restaurants. Angelone has steadfastly pursued his own photography vision and has acquired a reputation for his exquisite platinum and gelatin silver traditional black and white prints. With their complex appearance and rich tonality, Angelone s photographs evoke emotions through feelings and impressions.

Much of his career has been spent photographing themes that appear at that moment in his life. But he does not accept the idea that his work is pictorial, stressing that he is interested in photographs that focus on existence. Angelone draws from existential philosophers such as Sartre, Heidegger, Kierkegaard, and Tillich. His work often explores ideas of subjectivity and objectivity. He constantly moves from darkness to light then darkness again, a theme of his life experiences. Life moves in constant flux of distress and tranquility; like nature, it gives you the painful thorn and the beautiful rose at the same time, he writes. I like to make images with emphasis of light, yet always including component of darkness. I feel that it is in this awareness that the full tonality of life (and the image) can be experienced.

Angelone has won numerous prestigious black and white international competitions, has been published in photography magazines, and his work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States, South East Asia, South Africa, and Europe. Some of his photographs reside in the collections of the Bolinas Museum, Marin County Civic Center, The Nature Conservancy, The Wilderness Society, and Santa Clara Medical Center in addition to private collections.