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Beyond Darkness and Light: Photographs by Edgar Angelone

A beautifully designed monograph surveying the works of the highly acclaimed contemporary photographer, Edgar Angelone. Angelone's photographs are soulful and evocative. Rather than being accurate descriptions of a place, his images capture the invisible lines which enclose space and encapsulate a time frame that signifies rhythm, harmony and structure. This book showcases fifty four black-and-white photographs. It is a perfect example of how an artist can use traditional photographic processes to do something more than simply documenting so-called reality. Angelone is a traditionalist in the sense that he believes in the intimate connection of the subject to the viewer, arousing one's imagination and reverie. His work is focused on beauty and yet explores the subtle aspects of opposite ends as well. This book is exquisitely printed in duotone on a silk bright European paper. Beyond Darkness and Light is published in both a Hardcover Trade Edition and a Deluxe Limited Edition (SOLD OUT).

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Beyond Darkness and Light